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Woodburn Cemetery


Located on the left-hand side of Woodburn Ave. (coming from Hwy. #20) near Binbrook, Ontario in a little town called Woodburn.
This is a very old style cemetery and has gravestones dating back to the 1800's. People claim that it is haunted because of the weird noises and visions  that have been seen and heard from the cemetery.
This cemetery is most definately haunted. We here at SCSN have heard many weird noises at this cemetery and have been visited by the exact same fearless cat every time. Go there and experience it for yourself.

Saturday, Oct.23/04
Notes: Not to many supernatural occurances on this night, but i find that the far corners of the cemetery are much colder than the rest of the property. This is also where i and others have heard very weird and strange noises on previous visits. We also felt the "spider web" effect while walking throughout the property.



In the two pictures above you can see ORBS both of the pics. The one on the left has quite a few of them in it, while the one on the right only has 2 of them.



In the pic on the left-hand side you will see a pinkish/purple type of ORB, which i assume to be very rare. The pic on the right has a shower of ORBS throughout the entire pic. 



These two pics above are from behind the church and you can noticed a couple ORBS in both of these pictures.



The pic on the left is of the house/shed beside the church. You can see some ORBS on the right side of the photo. The pic on the right has only 1 very faint ORB in it.



The pic on the right has 2 very visible ORBS in it. (NOTE: the glare off 1 of the gravestones is NOT anything paranormal, but a reflection from a flashlight.) The other pic on the right has 2 faint ORBS in it.

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